Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ticket Bus...

today I will be going out with Yazid Yasin wasinni...
this is the first time I ever go out ALONE!!!!!!!and I'm so afraid of it,,
especially in dealing with my ticket..A bus ticket,,hopefully everything will be just fine and hopefully...


this was my first experience menaiki bas alone,,
I don't know hich bus to take and i was completely freaked out..
wondering whether Will I ever get back to gerik safely, I mean in one piece??
HMm,,pray to god je la,,huhu

yay,,,ends of 2.4 for the entire life...

Today is the last day we are having 2.4 for PJ class, and it really tiring day..
I wish we never have PJ as our co and such,,hohoho
This is what has happened during our running,,
take a look,,

Firstly, we were divided into two groups, the ladies and the gentlemen..
Gaga Broke her leg!!!
we are all out of breath...