Saturday, May 29, 2010

Graduation Day..

If people ask me to summarize about the whole event today..I'd rather ask them to back off because, I'm gonna give them my BF impression..BF here doesn't means best friend, boy friend (Like i'll ever have one..lolll), of anything that you can relate into it. it's none of above could give the fulfillment.It's BITCH FIT, that also means that, I was totally annoyed with my kinda dizziness,,i cant take it, my head was hammered like i've drunk a lot of water from drainage (don't even deem i'd drunk, really). I think i just came to know that actually, the beat from old malay songs gave me the ache in the head. You know how people back in days sing? It was nice but it sucks. for drove me to lunation like really massive. I wish I never go lumpish by that, Pray to god,,