Friday, May 28, 2010

smile, it's a crocodile

Smile, It’s A Crocodile

/There once /was /a very friendly /crocodile/. /He /loved /meeting people, talking and going out to parties/. He loved to smile.

Sad to say, he didn’t meet many people, so he hardly ever talked to anyone, and he never got asked to parties! Now why do you think that was?

/The crocodile /was / nice and friendly/. /He /smiled /all the time/. And when he smiled, he showed his teeth – rows and rows of sharp pointed teeth that sparkled in the sun.

If you smiled at a crocodile and he smiled back, would you go up and shake his hand just to be friendly?

Oh no, you’d run as fast as you could! And this, unfortunately, was just what happened. Every single time the crocodile smiled, people would run away. They never smiled back.

One day, the poor crocodile was so lonely, he took a walk into town. /He /smiled /nicely /at everyone/. He even grinned at every single person in a bus queue, but not one of them smiled back. /Instead, /they /fled /in all directions./

“Oh dear!” exclaimed the crocodile. “/They /have missed /their bus/!”

Then all alone, he walked into a store and smiled politely at the assistants. Most of them dived behind the counter and one of them climbed on top of the shelves!

“oh dear!” said the crocodile, looking around. “Where have all the customers gone?”

Feeling rather glum, he walked a little further down the street. He hadn’t gone very far before a man in a white coat came running towards him.

“I’ll try to be nice just once more,” said the crocodile, grinning widely and showing every one of his sharp pointed teeth.

/The man /didn’t /just smile back/ to the crocodile/. /He /threw /his arms/ around the crocodile/. He did a little dance in the middle of the street.

“What a beautiful smile!” cried the man in delight. “I am a dentist and you must have the best set of teeth I have ever seen!”

The crocodile went red.

“Please come and be my new assistant!” begged the dentist. “You can show everyone how to brush their teeth properly, then they’ll have a sparkling smile like yours!”

Of course, the crocodile said yes. /Soon, /people /came flooding /to the dentist/. They want to see a crocodile brushing his teeth.

/Now,/ everyone /smiles /at the crocodile/. He smiles back proudly, his rows and rows teeth sparkling even more with all that brushing!